Friday, May 11, 2007

Waking Up With The Shakes :)

I was asked to post the shake recipe with which I start the day. So, OK, I will. Let me tell you about shakes.
Several years ago I was lucky enough to stumble onto a website - Radiant Recovery - the link is in my links on the sidebar. This is a wonderful resource for those of us who would like to eat real food and quit eating poison. I basically got the shake recipe from Radiant Recovery.
Here's why I have this shake for breakfast:
1. It's quick and easy and I can write my journal while I'm eating it and get off to work on time.
2. I don't get ravenously hungry before I even get to work. In fact, a small healthy snack at break time and I'm just getting ready for lunch at lunchtime. Heck, if I got to choose my own lunchtime (yeah,
that'll happen!) I could skip the snack. This from someone who used to walk around work with a pocket full of pretzels just to drag myself through the day.
3. I'm much saner. Since I've been doing breakfast for so long, I've had a few (very few, thank goodness) opportunities to observe what happens when I skip it. Any time in the last several years that I've sunk into poor poor pitiful me kinds of thoughts - yep, you guessed it - I found I'd skipped breakfast. Now, I don't like to feel that way. So I eat breakfast. (If you go to Radiant Recovery, you'll discover that breakfast means with adequate protein and within an hour of getting up.)

OK, so here's the shake. This is the one I use. Adequate protein for you may be more or less.

1/2 C orange juice
1 1/2 C milk
1/4 C oat flour
1/3 C MLO protein powder with no sugar, no flavoring. The milk and egg is good, so is the protein power formula.
2 Tbsp liquid multiple vitamins

I vary this sometimes. Like last week: fresh strawberries went into the blender with it.
Sometimes I put instant coffee granules, or plain unsweetened cocoa powder - lots of anti-oxidants they say, and the OJ makes it all
sweet enough already. Frozen berries are good, blackberries, blueberries, rasberries. I've done fresh pineapple and unsweetened coconut. That took some searching! Why do they think coconut requires sweetening???

So that's the breakfast shake.
Bon Appetit!

Friday, May 4, 2007


1 pint half-and-half,
roughly a cup of FRESH YUMMY STRAWBERRIES, cut up,
2 Tablespoons vanilla extract.
Put it in ice cream maker and follow its directions.

When I made the decision to cut out sugar, the thought of giving up ice cream horrified me. I looked at the sugar-free ice creams, and they all replaced sugar with other sweeteners. Oh, no - at least we KNOW in what ways sugar is bad for us. I can no longer find the wonderful frozen pureed banana pops with no other ingredients. So I bought an ice cream maker and started experimenting.

The above is one of several delicious totally-food recipes I've come up with. I will post more later.

An interesting thing about Real Food ice cream: It's delicious, but not addictive. I used to eat HUGE bowls of commercial ice cream. When I make ice cream, I package it in 4 oz. containers, and find them quite satisfying. Sometimes I eat half of one and put the rest back in the refrigerator for another day. No wonder the Food Manufacturers (oxymoron!) don't sell this stuff. Without the addictive sugars, no cravings, no pigging out, no profit margin.

The reason I started this off with Strawberry Ice Cream is - I'm visiting my daughter in SC and strawberries are in season. There's a strawberry farm nearby and we came back with 3 gallons - some for her, some for me, some to freeze for later.

Bon Appetit!