Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm baaack.

It's hard to honestly write posts for this blog when I personally am not following my own dietary guidelines. So I have not been writing. Now I am doing work that does not require me to spend my workdays in supermarkets. This keeps it simple. When the nearest store is 7 miles away, I don't even hear the ice cream calling me.

So I've been enjoying this idyllic work situation for 2 weeks and one pant size. That's what happens when I stick to protein and vegetables and fruit. Some of it's fresh and some of it's THRIVE, but none of it is grain or sweetened.

Speaking of ice cream - I was on the reset some 10 years ago when the half-gallon containers disappeared, to be replaced with 1 1/2 quart containers. Downsizing of products annoyed me then and it still does. And then there's this -


So if you aren't making your own, read the labels carefully and be sure you are getting what you think you're getting.

'til next time, remember, you're Sweet Enough, Already!

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