Sunday, July 29, 2007


The price of Nexium can be $.50 to $1 each online.

The price of Prilosec, likewise.

Ultra maximum strength TUMS, $9.00.

The cost of quitting sugar is of course a negative number - I don't spend money on candy bars, cakes, sodas, cookies, etc.

And I don't spend money on Nexium, Prilosec, or Tums.

When I ate sugar, I was NEVER without TUMS within arms reach. I had constant heartburn.

Since I quit sugar, I have not bought any TUMS. I may have taken a handful of them in the past year and several months, when I was dumb enough to eat and go to bed too soon.

When I tell people this, they have a tendancy to go buy cookies. I don't understand.

Well, maybe I do - addiction is addiction.


Lady J said...

I know, I've cut down and almost cut out the sugar in my life and it's helped a lot with the muscle weakness to I've found. Go figure. Lady J

Sue said...

Hum, after talking to Jane and reading the blog, I decided to keep track of the sugar I consumed and my mental state. Sugar up, mental state poor; sugar down, mental state decent to very good. So I decided trim as much sugar as possible from my diet for 4 months and then review the results. So far I've learned that high fructose corn syrup is more prevalent than ants at a picnic and that cutting down on sugar produces a serious sugar craving. Which means the stuff really is bad news. I think there's some improved health in my future.

Anonymous said...

okay, this is somewhat of an old blog, but i'm just catching onto this whole sugar thing...

how do you cut down your sugar? i struggle with eating in general. what type of items do you eat for lunch and dinner?

are we talking replacing cooking oils or actual food items or both.

recipes would be helpful and so would brands of items...