Friday, February 22, 2008

When your dentist says avoid sweets...

When your dentist says sweets are bad for your teeth, he must be right. I do know that when I'm not eating sugar, my dentures rinse off easily. When I was eating sugar, they collected a plaque of gunk that only Stain-Away and vigorous brushing would remove. Last week I was Sick - there were like 7 different strains of flu going around among my co-workers - and in desperation sucked on some Ricola cough drops - excellent drops except for the sugar - and there was a spot of that darn stubborn plaque again.
It's that simple: eat sugar, get plaque. Don't eat sugar, don't get plaque. If I still had natural teeth, I might not notice the direct cause/effect thing because I couldn't take them out - but it'd still be there. Your teeth, your choice.

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Anonymous said...

I just happened across your site while browsing the net. Keep the ideas coming! As a mother of 5 young children, I love the practical, simple ideas you have here to help avoid those unnecessary sugars! Thanks.