Sunday, June 28, 2009

Loving my SodaStream!

OK, I've had my SodaStream for 6 months now. It is no longer a new toy. It is an essential part of my kitchen and worth every square inch of space it takes up in my motorhome. Believe me, if you live in a motorhome, an appliance MUST justify its space.

It's summer now so cold drinks are essential. A squirt of lemon juice, a few drops of STEVIA, a bunch of ice and carbonated soda water is delicious. A little orange juice and soda water beats any orange soda I've ever had. How about cherry vanilla? Use the 100% cherry juice from the health food section of the supermarket and a splash of vanilla extract.

I have given some of these as gifts and the recipients have loved theirs as much as I do mine.

If you are a regular reader, you know this is not a business site and do not do this blog for money. The affiliate link is to make it easy for you to find it. I will only ever put links up for something I 100% believe in.


Annalisa said...

I love your blog! i nominated it for a blog award, check out my blog for more info

Anonymous said...

I have been considering getting a Sodastream. What model do you use in your RV? thanks.

Gypsy Jane said...

I have the fountain jet. Still loving it. Although I wish I'd gotten the grey one instead of the white one - it's classier looking. But since it's safely tucked away while I drive, I don't suppose it really matters.