Saturday, July 18, 2009

On my way from Santee to Jackson Springs I stopped at a farmer's market and bought a GALLON of seedless blackberries. Ripe, juicy, huge, delicious blackberries. A gallon is pretty many for one person to eat before they get old, but I think I'll manage. *wink*
I decided to try a blackberry soda. Delicious. I put some blackberries in my Magic Bullet with a little water, which pretty much liquified them. Added soda from my SodaStream, and there it was. Try finding Blackberry Soda in the grocery store. With real blackberries? NOT.
I drink mine as is. Some people might like to use a straw or strain it as there is a little pulp.

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BalladSinginSue said...

I think a Soda Stream should be in my future - yummy healthy carbonated beverage. The ones you,ve made for me were WONDERFUL !