Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pitting Cherries made Easy

Cherries are in season. Cherries are delicious. So - I'm eating cherries.
Problem: cherries have pits. One or two of them always seemed to make it down my throat before I could catch them, so I went looking for a cherry stoner on the internet (a local market search having been fruitless, so to speak). I found lots of expensive items suitable for someone with a whole orchard of cherries, but nothing for a single woman who lives in a motorhome with a tiny little kitchen. So I made one, and it works very very well.

I took the smallest wire wisk they make and bent back 2 of the 3 loops toward the handle. I squeezed the remaining loop so it was only about half an inch wide at the most. That's it. New kitchen gadget!

How to use it:
Pull stem off cherry.
Insert loop into cherry where the stem was.
Hook it under the stone and pull it out.

That simple. A little practice and it gets amazingly easy.

Then you take some unsweetened yogurt, add the cherries, and - YUM!


Joyful Abode said...

I've heard of people using a paperclip in the same way. Just open the paperclip (like a book, just in the middle)and use one of the bent-into-a-loop ends to scoop out the pit.

Gypsy Jane said...

@ Joyful Abode - I've done it that way too, but find the paperclip a lot harder to hang on to if I'm doing more than just a few cherries. Either way will work fine, though.